Saturday, September 20, 2014

Persistence framework

Today I am looking for a persistence framework for c#. This is hard because I don't need an OR-Mapper. I need something where I can put in an object and it stores it to database or (and that is the hard thing to find) to an isolated storage or file system.

I found the following list:

This list is rather disappointing (even if in google top ranked) because most of the projects in here are dead. Some admit, some don't. What I really dislike on this list is that even code generators which will manage the access logic are listed as persistence frameworks. I think they aren't.

Still one of the best solutions are:
- mybatis (only "object to DB" mapping):
- Habanero (ORM, but also standard UIs):
- SPF (persistence framework, but only for DBs):

..and yes of couse, I will not forget to mention NHibernate ( ).

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