Thursday, November 26, 2015

Book-Review: Responsive Web Design with AngularJS (Sandeep Kumar Patel)

The book is a low level beginner’s guide to AngularJS and some of its responsive capabilities if you are using AngularJS pure (without twitter - bootstrap). A responsive portfolio-application is built as a show-case to introduce the reader to common problems of the field. Other technologies like SASS and JSON are mentioned and partly shown. The book ends with tool advises like the Chrome-F12-tools and Batarang.
AngularJS topics:
-          Templates and DataBinding (MVW)
-          Partials
-          Router
-          Modules / Controller / Scopes
-          Directives (built-in and custom)
-          Custom Services
-          Events / $Watch
-          Publish-Subscribe with $emit, $broadcast - $on
It was easy to read and with good background information, but I would say that after reading it you are not 100% able to build an AngularJS application responsively (and even not responsively) your own. Further investigations are definitely necessary...

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