Friday, October 13, 2017

swagger integration into webapi project

In the (let's say) "early days" of .net's webapi the controllers and its operations could be listed (with the option to try the operation) using the nuget which is currently out of maintenance (I believe) because the last update was in february 2015 which is 2,5 years ago.

During some research I found a perfect alternative which seems to be the more or less official successor: .

There is a perfect tutorial from redgate related to swashbuckle at:

It works in 5 minutes and allows to generate REST API Clients which means perfect fit between client and server.

Things I changed (after installing the nuget):

  • c.DocumentTitle
  • c.IgnoreObsoleteActions
  • c.IgnoreObsoleteProperties
  • c.IncludeXmlComments

    with the function from the redgate blog-entry (add xml documentation in properties)

    protected static string GetXmlCommentsPath()
                return System.String.Format(@"{0}\bin\webDemo.XML",

I don't needed to adapt the global.asax file from the root folder (and which does not work in a sub-folder which is very logical afterwards, but took me an 1 hour of research to find the bug).

In the global.asax (application_start) I still have:

  • simple-injector init (see:
  • GlobalConfiguration.Configure((config) =>


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