Saturday, February 3, 2018

changing command prompt in windows 10


today I tried something nerdy and wanted to improve my cmd - ux in windows (using windows 10).

First of all the useless stuff:

color a0

introducing a nice matrix look and feel.

Probably you remember the quote "follow the white rabbit", so I added a bunny in the prompt:

prompt $_       _$_      (\\                                  $_       \$B$B$_     __(_";$_    /    \$_   {}___)\)_                                             $_$P>

with cls (clear screen) you see the bunny up there and it appears after any command entered... funny for about 2 minutes... then really annoying... removed it...

sticking to the original output and add date and time turned out to be more useful

prompt $D $T$_$P$G

to much space, to few info...


more info!

ipconfig|for /f "tokens=12 delims=: " %G in ('findstr /i ipv4') do ( echo %G ) > ip.txt
set /p ip=<ip.txt
prompt $D $T $C%USERDOMAIN%\%USERNAME%$F IP: %ip%$_$P$G

linux / bash style:
prompt %username%@%userdomain%: $P $T$$

but best experience with simple stuff

prompt $P $T$G


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