Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ASP.NET developer efficiency

... because I was asked how to develop asp.net faster... here my top 10 shortcuts which boosted my work (in vs-studio 2013 using the standard key mapping for c# developers)

  1. press ctrl + "," to move between files
  2. press f12 to go to definition
  3. press ctrl k+r for find all references
  4. press f8 to move in the list of found items
  5. press ctrl+shift+b to compile
  6. press ctrl + "-" to jump back in history (regarding cursor position)
  7. press ctrl + alt + p to attach to process (w3wp for iis hosted asp.net) and type the name of the process
  8. press ctrl + shift + f to find stuff / h to replace
  9. press ctrl + "." to add references, implement interfaces and stuff
  10. press alt+tab to jump to browser, f5 for refresh (sorry for mentioning that :-) ).

cheers, Daniel

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