Sunday, May 29, 2016

Book-Review: AOP in .NET (Matthew D. Groves)

The book is very good to start with Aspect Oriented Programming in .NET (as the title says it). It starts with a general overview about aspects, advice and point-cut to conquer cross-cutting concerns (as it would be described in a book for aspectJ) and adds understandable examples to show where all this stuff makes sense in combination with TDD.

Later it is shown which kind of aspects there are (those: for methods and those: for properties) and on which levels and ways these can be applied. The most important asset of the book is that it really makes it clear that there are different paradigms to make AOP. The first way described is "weaving" which actually changes the il-code in a post-compile step and "dynamic proxies" which create reflection-assemblies on the fly at runtime (the pros and cons are - in my opinion - the most important part of the book).

After reading the book i'm definitely able to write AOP code in .NET, but there are many references to IoC and DI so I would recommend to read a book about these first.

Kr, Daniel

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