Thursday, May 19, 2016

Castle DynamicProxy


I am currently reading a book about AOP in .NET (book review-post will follow soon). I really fell in love with Castle DynamicProxy and it probably works even better in combination with ninject (see: --> my next topic to dive into). The good thing here is that no weaving process is needed as post-build action. This means that if you debug, you debug the actual code and not manipulated code which might not match (or prevent debugging at all).

Crosscutting-concerns will be tackled by method-interception using a proxy:

var service = new ProxyGenerator().CreateClassProxy<Class1>(new Aspect());

  • Aspect must implement IInterceptor. 
  • Class1 should have decorated its functions as virtual to create the appropriate proxy.

Often implemented aspects: logging, security, caching, threading (Invoke), lazy loading, INPC-implementation, exception handling, defensive programming and argument handling, validation, auditing, monitoring, fault tolerance.

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