Friday, June 17, 2016

Castle and WCF (2)


first of all I got the feedback that "Castle" is the wrong naming... so for clarification: with Castle the whole technology-stack of is meant including (especially) DynamicProxy and Windsor.

Further research brought me to the follow up question whether it is possible to implement a service with a non-empty (standard) constructor. Yes, this is also possible ( ). You simply need to:

  • create a Custom-ServiceHostFactory (base class: ServiceHostFactory) and 
  • override CreateServiceHost which should create a Custom-ServiceHost. 
  • Each implemented service contract (loop over this.ImplementedContracts.Values) should get a Custom-Behavior (interfaces: IContractBehavior and IInstanceProvider) added. 
  • In the instance provider happens the magic of creating a service with new (override the two GetInstance-methods). 
A step-by-step guide can be found on MSDN here. Here a quote of the github answer referenced above:
You can easily generalize this approach, and in fact some DI Containers have already done this for you (cue: Windsor's WCF Facility).
 A tutorial how to use the WCF facility can be found here and here. A walk-through "DI in WCF in 5min" can be found here (this article shows perfectly that DefaultServiceHostFactory enables you to create services with the full power of DI).

I am looking forward to test that approach with "RouteTable.Routes.Add(new ServiceRoute(...))".

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