Thursday, June 16, 2016

Castle and WCF


it is a quite hard task to build a good and stable back-end. The request/response interfaces therefore are often full of boiler plate code. In my .NET applications I rely on WCF and REST services. First questions:

Can I create services on the fly or do I have to create a *.svc-file as described in 90% of the tutorials?

Answer: Yes... with ServiceHostFactory ( )

Can I/Do I have to still use IIS?

Answer: Both is possible

Do I need to be a web.config expert?

Answer: You can config your stuff in code too.

So summarized: I can create ServiceHostFactories on the fly and can use Castle to inject the dependencies... great. Castle provides even more: WCF Integration Facilities...

There seemed to be an active community on writing facility based, config less, castle-driven backends like at

... really cool... I am looking forward to use that stuff and post some first results...

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